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Dreams and Oddities

United States - 621E. 11th St. - New York - New York

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El artista puertorriqueño Celso González estará exhibiendo en Nueva York el próximo 30 de Abril su más reciente colección " Dreams & Oddities ". Nos encantará contar con su presencia.

- "DREAMS & ODDITIES", Una colección de pequeño formato en dónde, a través de la instalación, la escultura y el medio mixto, el artista Celso González ha creado y recreado una serie de personajes fantasiosos que nacen de un proceso de mutación socio-existencial. Es solo a través del arte en dónde las posibilidades de la genética creativa son infinitas. Juegos de color y de formas amorfas que dan vida a diversas criaturas de la mitología urbana contemporánea.



Puertorrican artist Celso González will present in New York City his most recent Art Collection " Dreams & Oddities "  Friday, April the 30th 6:00 p.m. We'd love for you to join us.

- "DREAMS & ODDITIES", A small format collection where, through installation, sculpture and mix-media, the artist Celso González has created and recreated a series of imaginative characters born from a socio- existentialist mutation process. It is only through art where the possibilities of creative genetics are infinite. Juggling of colors and amorphous forms that give life to diverse creatures of contemporary urban mythology.


Art Show by Celso González
Friday April 30,2010
621E. 11th St. Between Ave. B&C Lower East Side NYC
(347) 351-5223
Facebook : Celso González  


"DREAMS & ODDITIES" RECENT WORK by artist Celso González

Born in Puerto Rico, in 1973. Young and self opinionated, Celso is an edgy contemporary artist whose work excels in different disciplines such as painting, sculpture, murals, mosaics, architecture and film. He started painting at 8 and at 13 he was accepted into the School of Fine Arts of the Cultural Institute of Puerto Rico where he formally began his art studies. Still a teenager he moved to California where he lived 11 years. Celso won a scholarship in the New School of Architecture in San Diego and was recruited by The Rob Quigley Architect Firm. In 1997 he transfered to SciArc in Los Angeles, California, and won the Lyceum Fellowship Competition, being the first Latino ever to win this award. Celso’s work has been featured in Argentina, Brasil, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, México, Italy, France, Taiwan and the US in different biennals,art fairs, museums and galleries. He has also collaborated with worldwide recognized artists such as Bill Viola, Carlos Cruz Diez, Ted Carrasco, Robi Draco Rosa, William Cepeda to name a few. For the last 10 years, Celso has been working on Commissions for the government of Puerto Rico. He has developed over 40 Public Art Projects and his work is exhibited in monumental sculptural mosaics all over the island ,Taiwan and the U.S.



"Sleeping Devil" - foam, paper, acrylic and metal
9" X 5" X 6" 2010

"EL SANTO MOSCO" - plastic, acrylic and metal
1" X .5" X .7" 2010

"MASTER OF PUPPETS" - oil and coffee on canvas
9" X 12"  2010

"JOY" - oil and coffee on canvas
9" X 12"  2010


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