Surfing desde Samaná, República Dominicana ,Samaná ,Dominican Republic

Surfing desde Samaná, República Dominicana

Dominican Republic - Samaná

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A lot has been said about this spot in the Dominican Republic, a wave called by a few
“Fred is dead”, a surfspot protected by mountains, a beautyful setup and geagraphically
located inside a bay that for a long time it was almost impossible to think that could hold
a wave of this caliber.
For most of the surfers in the Dominican Republic, “Fred is Dead”, just for a few, “ Fred
is alive”. A small crew with some of the most talented and recognized surfers in the
island went to explore on late December 2009 to find out that Fred, “ No estaba muerto,
andaba de parranda” More pictures and info. click here.


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