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Ryan's Well Foundation - www.ryanswell.ca


Esta fundacion fuer creada por un niño llamado Ryan y el pudo recaudar $2,000 dolares y pudo proveher de agua limpia a un poblado de Africa, en la actualidad esta fundacion ah ayudado a mas de 14 paises  alrededor de mundo y unas 485,433 personas tienen acceso ahora ah aguan limpia. Esta es la pagina de la fundacion - www.ryanswell.ca

Ryan's Story

When Ryan was in grade one he learned from his teacher, Mrs Prest, that people were dying because they didn't have clean water to drink. He decided that raising money for wells for people who didn't have clean water would be a good thing. He worked for four months in order to earn his first $70.

It grew from the $70 collected by doing simple household chores, to the support of non-profit organizations such as WaterCan, CPAR, CIDA and Free the Children. It grew to over $1,000,000 in support of people in Africa who need clean water.

"I'm just your regular, average kid," Ryan says when anyone asks about his achievements. Although many people would disagree with this statement, it is very true.  He plays soccer, basketball and hockey. He enjoys reading, playing Nintendo and swimming as well. He has friends in the elementary school he attends, including dedicated volunteers like Jack who, like Ryan, plans to be a water engineer when he grows up. He loves to visit his Nana and his cousins in Ontario's Niagara region and his Grandparents near Deep River, Ontario. Ryan plays with his brothers Jordan and Keegan and with dog Riley. He has been writing to his African pen pal Jimmy Akana, who you may have seen with him on the cover of Reader's Digest. NOTE: Ryan no longer writes to Jimmy as Jimmy is now Ryan's brother, living with the Hreljac's in Kemptville, ON.

Throughout, Ryan's family has been very supportive of his efforts to get clean water to Africa.  Older brother Jordan sets up most of Ryan's audiovisual presentations and little brother Keegan has licked hundreds of stamps for thank you letters and notes that have been sent around the world. In addition, Jordan also assists in the creation of the RWF newsletters and Keegan now takes many of the RWF photographs. Jordan, Keegan, and now Jimmy assist the Foundation by travelling with Ryan and helping promote the Ryan's Well Foundation globally through speaking engagements and presentations. The Hreljacs live in a country home in North Grenville, just south of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Source Website: www.ryanswell.ca